My wife and I, every journey we go on either in our own backyard or on one of the many swamp walks or gorgeous places all over the world.We try not to just film or take a picture but capture the emotion and story that goes a long with it.Both an award-winning photographer as videographer with many of my images showcased on various magazines, and platforms like ABC TV, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Herald Tribune, DR. Phillips HS, Earth Justice.
I moved to Florida in 2006. I fell in love with photography in 1992 back in Belgium when everything was still on film, I had my own little dark room and made most pictures in sepia and black and white. It didn't take long before I bought my first video camera and ever since that, video and photography has been an essential part of my life. I have been very fortunate to share the same passion with my wife Veerle. We each have different approaches, my experience and eagerness to better myself technically as well as emotionally, my love for landscapes and her excitement and patience and keen eye to capture wildlife, and our latest passion of capturing the endangered orchids of Florida, allowed us to create a diverse portfolio of fine art photographs.
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